RSGz40 - Single Line

RSGz40 - Single Line

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Part #: RSGz40

Single line, high speed gas filler
Two or Three hole filling option; vertical fill or tilted > 10 degrees
Includes FDR gas and pressure sensors with computer control
Meters for visual display of filling process
Gas flow shuts off automatically when IG unit is full
Flow Rate = 20-45 Liters per minute(dependant on exhaust hole size)
Time to fill = 61 seconds.  *
Complete with filling lance, sniffler, bottle regulator, and hoses
Designed and manufactured in North America, serviced worldwide

* The "Time To Fill" that is listed for the individual machines is based on the following sized unit:

Unit Size:

     21/32” - 0.665” - 17mm
     48” - 1220mm
     24”- 610mm
     767 cubic inches - 0.44 cubic feet - 12.6 liters
     8 square feet - 0.74 square meters

Note: There are a large number of variables when considering time to fill. The "Time To Fill" example is the result of filling an actual unit >90% using argon gas.