12230 - iTiG 2.0 sensor

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Part #: 12230

iTiG 2.0 has been refined with an LCD screen for easily recording manual measurements.  Bluetooth is compatible with the FDR iTiG app and iTiG power supply server.   Lower power consumption and argon readings available within a second after powering the coil instead of minutes.

Black transmitter coil in picture not included. 

We are offering 2 different versions of iTiG 2.0~ inside The iG Sensor ~
Part number 12230 features:
Wireless power receiver
LCD Display
Bare PCB

Part number 12231 features:
Battery powered
LCD Display
Aluminum outer skin
No Bluetooth
Magnetic reed switch turns on sensor

PCB with display 0.80" W x 1.20" L X 0.25" H
Green power PCB 0.39" W x 0.95" L X 0.12" H
Copper inductive coil 1.50" D x 0.07" H

Argon calibration only

 *Quantity discounts are available when 10 or more sensors are purchased at a time.  Contact us for details.

Range 0-100 %RH
Humidity accuracy tolerance ±2.0 %RH
Repeatability 0.1 %RH
Resolution 0.01 %RH

Absolute Pressure:
Range 10-2000 mbar or 0.145-29 psi
Resolution 0.016mbar or 0.00023 psi
Maximum error ±0.5mbar or ±0.0072 psi
Temperature compensation -40°C to +85°C

Range -40°C to + 85°C
Resolution <0.01°C

Low Power Thermal Conductivity Sensor:
Range 0-100% argon 
Resolution 0.1%
Repeatability 0.5%
Temperature compensation anticipated to be 65°F to 100°F.