12231 - iTiG 2.0 battery powered

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Part #: 12231

iTiG 2.0 has been refined with an LCD screen for easily recording manual measurements.   Lower power consumption and argon readings available within a second after powering instead of minutes.


We are offering 2 different versions of iTiG 2.0~ inside The iG Sensor ~
Part number 12230 features:
Wireless power receiver
LCD Display
Bare PCB

Part number 12231 features:
Battery powered
LCD Display
Aluminum outer skin
No Bluetooth
Magnetic reed switch turns on sensor

1.14" W x 2.17" L X 0.43" H

Argon calibration only

 *Quantity discounts are available when 10 or more sensors are purchased at a time.  Contact us for details.

Range 0-100 %RH
Humidity accuracy tolerance ±2.0 %RH
Repeatability 0.1 %RH
Resolution 0.01 %RH

Absolute Pressure:
Range 10-2000 mbar or 0.145-29 psi
Resolution 0.016mbar or 0.00023 psi
Maximum error ±0.5mbar or ±0.0072 psi
Temperature compensation -40°C to +85°C

Range -40°C to + 85°C
Resolution <0.01°C

Low Power Thermal Conductivity Sensor:
Range 0-100% argon 
Resolution 0.1%
Repeatability 0.5%
Temperature compensation anticipated to be 65°F to 100°F.