Initial setup

Plug the machine into a standard 120 V outlet. On the back of the server, open the clear plastic cover and press the power button. This turns on the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system that will continue to power the sensors and the computer in case the power goes out.

The power button on the front of the machine controls the power to the computer only. 

Pulling the keyboard will release the Velcro allowing it to be removed from the cover.  Plug the keyboard/track pad into an available USB port. A USB connected mouse is not included but could be used instead of the trackpad.

The extension cables are plugged into the rear of the server with the notch up.  Push the connector in until it clicks.  To remove the connector push on the release button and pull.

Either the bare transmitter or the chamber ready transmitter can be connected to the other end of the extension cable.  The adapter cables can be used to allow multiple transmitters to share one extension cable.