Gas Tank Pressure Setting

Even though some of the older manuals state that FDR gas fillers only need 50 PSI, bottle regulators should be set around 75-90 PSI.

On some of the faster machines (RSGe, RSGh, & RSGz), there is a pressure switch in the machine. This switch is set to only allow the gas filler to run if there is at least 60 PSI coming to the switch.

On the slower machines (RSGa, RSGi, & RSGd) there is no pressure switch. Those slower machines will run without being hooked up to the gas bottle. However, when properly calibrated, these machines will simply keep running since there is no gas being brought over the sensor.

Therefore, the correct setting on bottle regulators would be somewhere between 75-90 PSI. If your gas filler is showing a "0003" error on the PLC (the black control box on the back of the machine with wires coming to it from both sides), the machine is telling you that there isn't enough argon being supplied. This could be a sign that either there isn't enough pressure coming to the machine or that the switch may have failed.