Time to Fill Resources



The "Time To Fill" that is listed for the individual machines is based on the following sized unit:

Unit Size:

21/32” - 0.665” - 17mm
48” - 1220mm
24”- 610mm
767 cubic inches - 0.44 cubic feet - 12.6 liters
8 square feet - 0.74 square meters

There are a large number of variables when considering time to fill. The "Time To Fill" example is the result of filling an actual unit >90% using argon gas.




FDR provides 2 ways to estimate the time to fill particular sized units.



Excel_imageExcel Time to Fill Calculator - Use this Excel calculator to enter a specific machine model and window dimensions to get an estimated time to fill.  These calculations are based on the Time to Fill Chart pdf below.

It is typical for IG fabricators to measure expenses by the square foot but when calculating gas costs we must incluce a third dimension, Spacer Thickness.  If you want to calculate your costs by the square foot then, using the calculator:

1. Select your machine model.

2. Enter the cost of gas per liter.

3. Enter these dimensions in inches: IG Height = 12 and IG Width = 12. 

4. Adjust the Spacer Thickness cell to reflect the spacer thickness you would like to calculate.

5. The "Approximate Gas Cost Total" field will be your square foot cost for the designated spacer thickness.





PDF_image Time to Fill Chart - Use this general chart if you do not have access to Microsoft Excel software.



Please note these resources are designed to give you estimated fill times when using FDR Design, Inc. gas filling machines.  While these times are based on the filling of actual units, your techniques and materials may differ thus results cannot be guaranteed.