FLEX Upgrade

What is the complete machine upgrade called?

We've added FLEX to the machine model name because it emphasizes the FLEXibility of new added features.  


Which machines are elegible for the FLEX upgrade?

The RSGd, RSGe, and RSGh machines are elegible for the complete machine upgrade to FLEX.


How will you benefit from the upgrade?

Having the complete machine upgrade will allow us to completely "reset" the machine to like-new condition.  This even allows you to pull that old machine out of the closet that has been gathering dust because you might not be able to get it working.

You know the FDR machine has already been a good investment so letting us refurbish it will continue that pattern.

The upgrade splits the machine into 2 separate and easily stackable cases.  This makes it more "FLEX"able by allowing you the freedom to move the vacuum pump out of the way.  The vacuum rack has been redesigned for improved air flow to let it breathe better when your production is at its max.  Splitting the machine in half also makes the parts lighter and easier to move around.  In a few years if you want to send it back for repair then just send the Flow Rack and keep the heavy vacuum rack to make it easier and save on shipping.


What parts are included with the complete machine upgrade?

Pretty much everything is replaced and you basically get a new machine.   Here is a list, although there are more parts included:

Touch Calibration Boards

Temperature Sensor

7 Segment Displays for Touch Calibration Boards

New Design Sensor Manifold Blocks

MAC Valves

Push Buttons

Front Faceplate

Mini Regulators


Power Supply

Calibration Jug

2 Outer Cases - this will split your machine in half.

Lances and Hoses - Many times, the lances and hoses have incurred leaks from the rough nature of the manufacturing environment.  We don't want you to think something went wrong with the upgrade when your old lances and hoses leak so we'll just include new.


What will be done with your old machine?

We'll reuse some of the parts in the upgrade.  The parts we'll reuse have a long service life or aren't readily visible (like some of the sheet metal).

Vacuum pump - these typically last forever and they're expensive so it just makes sense to reuse the old one.  We'll test the old pump and let you know if it isn't working properly and needs replacing.

Sheet metal from the sides, rear, and bottom of the flow rack - it's out of sight and still usable!

Wiring Harness - The copper in those wires is probably worth 5x's more than when you purchased it new so we'll lengthen your investment.

Fittings - We will replace many of the fittings but not all.


How much does it cost?

Click here to go to the downloads page where you can download our current price list.


Other things you should know.

Shipping to and from your plant is not included in the upgrade.

A loaner is not included in the upgrade.  We do have rental machines that are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


What does the upgraded machine look like?

We've retained the standard FDR look of awesomeness.