iTiG Server Software Updates

From your computer, download the update and copy it to a USB flash drive.  If your iTiG server is connected to the internet this file can be downloaded directly to the server using Chromium and navigating to this webpage.

Software version R051220.0

Rename the file by replacing the underscores with spaces.  The filename should look like this without the quotes "FDR iTiG server".  

If the file was saved to a flash drive, plug the flash drive into the iTiG server.

On the iTiG server, close the iTiG Server software if it is running.  Open a File Manager window by clicking on the double folder icon on the top left server tray.

Navigate to /home/pi/Desktop/FDR iTiG server and find the "FDR iTiG server" executable file that should be about 3.6 MiB in size.  Delete the file by right clicking on it and select "Move to Trash". 

Copy the new file from your USB flash drive or downloads folder to "/home/pi/Desktop/FDR iTiG server".  Make sure the underscores have been replaced with spaces in the filename. 

Right click the FDR iTiG server file and click on the Permissions tab.  Change the Execute drop down to "Only owner" and click OK to close the window.  

Restart the server by clicking on the Raspberry in the top left tray and click Shutdown... and Reboot.  

When the server starts back up the iTiG software should automatically start and you will notice the new revision in the title bar.