~Do you ship IGU's up or down hill and wonder how much a change in altitude affects the airspace volume?

~Are you curious to visually see the relationship between temperature change and IG airspace volume?


The Pressures_and_Stresses calculator for Excel was inspired by the work of K.R. Solvason in the Technical Paper No. 423 of the Division of Building Research Ottawa.  "PRESSURES AND STRESSES IN SEALED DOUBLE GLAZING UNITS" by K. R. Solvason, August 1974.

An easy to use Excel calculator to help visualize how changes in pressure, changes in temperature, and wind loads affect the airspace volume.


** The effect of wind load is currently being updated to reflect ASTM E1300, Standard Practice for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings.  Check back for updates!

** The Solvason equations become inaccurate when the calculated deflection becomes greater than the thickness of the glass.

** Revision 020221 fixes high aspect ratios above 5 (LongSide:ShortSide)

Rev. 012813

Rev. 020221